Used Wood Stoves: Should They Be Purchased?

Used wood stoves can often be found available in your local classified ads. But, should you purchase them? What could go wrong if you do? Like any product that you purchase that is used, you need to rely on what the user tells you about the condition and quality of the unit. And, not everybody is as honest as you are. The fact is that when you are considering used wood stoves to bring into your home, you need to insure it is of a quality that will keep your family safe.

What to Look For Using Wood Stove

What should you look for when you do purchase these stoves? There are many things to insure before you do so, but here are some of the most important issues for you to insure.

Regulations. Most locations have ordinances and regulations that stipulate that you need to purchase a permit or you need to have the unit inspected prior to using it. For example, if you wanted to install a wood burning stove of any type into your home you probably will need a fire inspector to come out and insure it is safe to use. With used wood stoves, you’ll need to insure that they qualify for inspection.

Air Pollution. Another very important element is how well the used wood stoves will burn. Again, you have no idea if the product was cared for and that means that you don’t know the air quality that it can give you. No unit should be purchased that is not certified by the EPA. If you are not concerned about the air quality, you’ll still have problems with these models because they won’t pass inspection anyway.

Older and wood stoves that have not been taken care of are at risk for producing very toxic pollutants that can get into your home. For example, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde are some of the most dangerous. In this case, you should have the used wood stoves approved by a professional before allowing them to burn in your home.

You should also insure that the used stove will work within your homes structure. For example, in some cases, you will find that used wood stoves that are old do not fit well within the chimneys of today. You should also carefully consider any repairs that may need to be done as these will likely be costly.

If you are installing a wood stove so that you can lower your gas costs, check out the efficiency of the model in question. Make sure that you purchase a quality product, one that will actually save you money. The efficiency of models can be found on their manufacturer’s website.

Yes, you can purchase these used models. But, you should insure that your safety and your wallet are at the front of your mind when doing so. Remember, you’ll need to pay for a professional inspection at the least, plus maintenance, installation, and possibly repairs before you gain any benefits from used wood stoves.

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