Small Wood Stoves – Large Range of Stoves for Different Purposes

Small wood stoves are small wood burning heating appliances for a widespread of purposes. Whether you are looking for a fireplace insert, a stand-alone heating device, a portable heating solution for your outdoor or camping needs or for cooking food, you have small woodstoves for all applications. Small stoves are available in a large array of options if you are willing to use wood as your primary heating fuel or simply spend some evenings in the comfort of wood fire.

Small woodstoves are ideal heating solutions for small seasonal cottages or family rooms. You can use these stoves to heat small portions of a large home for zone heating. This can be an energy efficient way to heat only the frequently used portion or room of your house and save money on your energy bills. However, if you are looking for a heating solution for small and mid-sized homes, you will have to select mid-sized wood stoves. For larger or leakier homes, you will need a large size wood burning stove.

Advantages of Small Wood Stoves

Small stoves mimic the fireplace. You can add them to your existing masonry fireplace without having the need for major structural changes. These small stoves not only provide heating comfort in the winters but also double up as a decorative accent for your living space. This is because of the attractive looks of these stoves. You can select from woodstoves, fireplace inserts, or small wood burning cook stoves in a number of style and design options right from antique Victorian models to contemporary wood stoves with a host of modern features.

If you are looking for comfort with elegance, you can select a small wood stove with freestanding structure. The small woods stoves are generally made of cast iron and are easy to operate and handle. These elegant stoves have iron legs and decorative bodies. Engravings and ornamentation of these beautiful stoves make them a hot favorite. These stoves have a pipe for expelling the unwanted smoke. This pipe can go out either through the ceiling or through the wall and prevent you from the fumes and smoke.

Small Woodstoves – A Combination of Safety, Economy and Comfort

Apart from the great looks, these stoves are safe when compared to the heating appliances that use oil and gas. With these stoves, you are free from the danger of fire accidents that are caused because of leaving the gas open. The sturdy body eliminates the possibility of tipping over of the stove and staring a fire. Moreover, these stoves use wood that is easily available and is a safe and economic fuel than oil, gas and electricity.

Kindling the fire and extinguishing it is easier in small stoves than the stoves that use coal as fuel. Small wood burning stoves produce much less ash than the coal stoves and fireplace inserts. According to estimates, wood-burning produces 10 times less ash as compared to burning similar amount of coal. This feature of wood stoves makes them free from the need of frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Last but not the least, using small wood stoves lets you discharge your responsibility towards the ecology and environment. These stoves use wood, which is an ecologically safe fuel than oil, gas and even coal. Wood is renewable source of energy and can be easily replenished. Some latest models of wood burning stoves also use wood pellets as fuel, which are made from sawdust, wood waste and other biomass waste thereby eliminating the need for felling the trees for fuel.

While selecting a small wood stove it is necessary that you consider certain aspects such as what is the area that the stove will heat, what type of wood it uses and what is the burn time. However, all these factors are relative to conditions such as geographic location and outside weather. For example, if one stove can heat a 1000 square foot area in Georgia, it could heat only a 400 square area in Alaska because of the extreme climatic differences.
Similarly, the burn time also depends upon the type of wood and the moisture content. Therefore, it would be better that you consider all the aspects, make necessary enquiries and if necessary, take expert advice before purchasing a small wood stove for your house.

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