Biomass Energy for Dummies

Biomass energy is an alternative fuel solution the world needs to begin looking at as a different source for electricity and heating. The energy produced from biomass energy comes from the sun with the process of photosynthesis and the use of plants. There are different types of this type of energy from the use of agriculture, trees, plants, grasses, and more. Trees have the capability to grow quickly and they are an excellent source for biomass energy. This is because trees can be harvested every three to eight years and they don’t need to be entirely replanted for up to 20 to 30 years by the use of coppicing. The popular trees that are used for this type of energy include the black locust, willow, sycamore, sweet gum, poplar, maple and eucalyptus. Grasses are another excellent source for the use of this type of energy because they also have the capability of growing quickly. The types of grass that are the best options include switch grass, sugar cane, elephant grass, bluestem and other perennials. Grass can also be repeatedly harvested for up to ten years before it needs to be replanted.

There are many residues that are good to use for biomass energy also. These residues often come from the leftovers that are left in crop fields. The biggest use of residues comes from the forestry industry with the use of tree tops and branches that are often left behind during timber operations. Waste from the cities can also be used to generate energy from forestry, agricultural, manufacturing industries generating plant and animal waste. There are three ways these natural substances can be broken down into biomass energy by the use of a biomass boiler. These methods include thermo chemical, biochemical and chemical. Thermo chemical turns these products into fuels like alcohol and methane. The biochemical method breaks down the carbohydrates in the plants and uses a process known as fermentation as corn is used to make grain alcohol. Methane is also captured from sewage and burned for fuel alternatives. The chemical method of creating biomass energy is pulling oils like soybean and canola and converting them into liquids like gasoline additives and biodiesel for trucks. Algae are used to create biodiesel also. With the widespread problem of global warming it is extremely important that alternative methods for electricity and heat sources are used in homes. The burning of coal to provide electricity to cities and homes is one of the largest causes of carbon monoxide in the air and the increasing temperatures in the atmosphere. Today, people have the option to purchase a biomass boiler for their home as their primary electricity and heating source for their home.

There are many benefits to purchasing a biomass boiler for your home and using biomass energy rather than the conventional methods of burning coal offered by most city electric companies. The biggest reason is that you are contributing to minimizing to slowing down the global warming process. You also will save a lot of money each month with lower electric and heating costs for your home. This is a big benefit for many people. When you are looking into biomass energy options and purchasing a biomass boiler for your home, there are other things you should consider. You should call your local energy companies and find out about energy-efficient programs offered through them and possible financial incentive programs. Many lenders also offer low rate mortgages for homes that are energy-efficient.

When you purchase a biomass boiler you should be sure it is an Energy Star product. The Energy Star label was created by the Environmental Protection Agency so you can be aware the product you are choosing is environmentally friendly. You can find Energy Star products from washing machines to air conditioning systems and your yearly energy bills can be reduced to almost $500. Light fixtures and bulbs can even be Energy Star products and you should look for them when you purchase anything energy related for your home. You can purchase Energy Star products for your home that produce biomass energy in most stores with appliances and electrical things for your home. Biomass energy is an alternative energy source the world needs to begin using so we can slow down the global warming process. If everyone switches to alternative fuel options for their electrical and heating solutions. The process of global warming will take its natural course and we will not be rushing it.

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