Hidden Tips behind Antique Wood Burning Stove

Some alternative stoves are made out of cast iron, which means that they naturally look like an antique wood burning stove. This is also means that they look great in a cottage or a chalet. A small antique stove can really warm up the look of a basement or a family room. Many artists have an antique wood burning stove installed in their garage or loft style studios so they can work in cozy comfort all year long. Thankfully the antique wood burning stove goes with most types of decor. Of course the ideal decor that it goes with is a country or western style. Gas stoves also look great in ranch houses and colonial style homes.

However just because and antique wood burning stove refers to an older era does not mean it cannot provide a fashionable and ironic counterpoint to other décor in your room. For instance an antique wood burning stove can look quite great in a cold and steely room that is otherwise painted in cool tones. In fact the juxtaposition of the space age and the antique has a very Stanley Kubrick type of feel to it. This combination of retro plus super contemporary styling is very fashionable lately and a fixture in most modern condos.

Antique wood burning stoves also come with all kinds of different detailing. Depending on the model kinds of decorative scrollwork and detailing on the legs and on the trim of the stove. You can also get antique wood burning stoves with beautiful brass or ceramic detailing. These stoves suit every type of décor from Arts and Crafts to Victorian to California Ranch styles. As an alternative heat source the antique wood burning stove is much easier to maintain than an open fireplace. For one thing, it just doesn’t get as dirty as a fireplace as there is not enough air running through it to blow embers and soot around. You still clean this heat source with gridiron style tools but it is just not a big messy job. The best thing about an antique wood burning stove is it mixes the best of the past with the present. With today’s modern heating systems you really do not give your family what families enjoyed for centuries, which was some type of hearth that everybody could gather around to cook or warm themselves. This is especially desirable in the winter when the snow is gently falling or if there is the soft, gentle patter of rain on the roof. Your enjoyment of your antique wood-burning stove also does not have to stop at just warming your home either. You can also cook on them!

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