The Nuts And Bolts of Wood burning Stoves

What do you need to know about wood burning stoves before you start using them regularly? If you think it is as easy as purchasing and installing the stove, you are only half right! There is much to think about, though, in the efficiency and safety standards of using these stoves. While they are one of the best ways to heat a home or to cook a meal (not to mention on of the oldest methods of doing those things,) it is still vitally important for you to make considerations for this type of tool.

The Benefits wood burning stoves

What you should know about wood burning stoves is that these units that are manufactured by today’s standards are much more efficient and safe to use than those used just a decade or more ago. Today’s models don’t allow for smoke to enter the home, keep ash at the minimal level and they often use less wood to produce the same amount of heat. You can purchase them to warm just one room or an entire home. What’s more is that they are safety tested for your own well-being? In addition, you can save a bundle on heating costs by using a wood stove instead of using your furnace.

Installation Wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves do require the proper installation to work properly. You’ll need the right amount of clearance between the stove and you’re venting system and combustible materials. Combustible floors need to be protected and you need to make sure that your vents and your stove itself are put together properly. Since you need to take into consideration having the right size, height, configuration and location for these stoves, it is important to have a professional install them into your home.

Safety of Wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves have necessary safety considerations, too. For example, with modern models you shouldn’t have smoke in your home. If you do, there is a problem with the installation or the venting system. Another important consideration will be yearly maintenance. These stoves can produce creosote which needs to be monitored and professionally cleaned. Yearly, it is advisable to have a professional check the chimney and venting system to insure that it is clean and working efficiently for your stove.

You should also consider the safety of using your wood burning stoves daily. For example, nothing that is flammable should be placed near the stove. That includes carpeting, drapes and paper products. You should always start a fire with dry wood and clean newspaper. Fuels are not necessary to start a fire and can be dangerous to use. Always use seasoned logs for burning and wax or sawdust should not be used in these types of stoves, unless they are 100 percent compressed sawdust. You should properly clean the ashes from the location and keep the doors to the stove closed as much as possible.

When you take these proper care and installation measures seriously, you can gain the most from your stove and heat your home for little cost. If you can find free firewood, that makes it even more efficient to use Wood Stoves.

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