Choosing a Wood Stove Blower

Most people don’t think of investing in a wood stove blower for their wood-burning stove. Some think that a blower would not provide any benefits. Others simply don’t know what a blower is, what value it offers, or where to purchase one. This article discusses each of these things and ultimately, why you may want to consider buying a blower for your wood stove.

Why You Should Consider Installing a Blower

Wood stoves have always looked charming. Unlike the sterile furnaces that heat many homes wood burning stoves provide a quaint atmosphere and suggest a flavor of nostalgia. But, wood stoves add more than mere aesthetic. They offer cost-effective heat to a home. Rather than using gas or burning other costly fuels to generate heat, a wood stove can provide warmth as long as there is enough wood available. Unfortunately, even wood stoves have limitations.

Unlike central heating units that can easily distribute heat throughout a house, a wood-burning stove’s capacity to provide heat is not without constraints. Though cost-effective, the stove’s efficiency in heating an entire house or a huge room is limited. However, a wood stove blower can compensate for these limitations. For example, if your wood stove is located in a large room, a good blower can send heat to every corner of that room, ensuring that everyone is warm. Similarly, if you only have one wood stove in your home and other rooms are frequently chilly, you can use a blower to “push” some warm air into those other distant rooms.

What to Look For In a Blower

First, a wood stove blower is often designed to fit specific models of stoves. For example, an SBI-Drolet blower can fit most Drolet stoves while some blowers will work with a large variety of wood burning stoves. Second, some blowers offer easy installation, hooking onto your stove with a few screws. Others are more complicated and may require someone with experience to install. Third, some blowers are powered by plugging them into an outlet while others operate on batteries. You should consider each of these things to determine which fits your needs best.

Where to Buy a Blower

You can purchase a wood stove blower either at your local home improvement shop (such as Home Depot) or online. There are several websites from which you can order your blower and have it delivered to your doorstep. Further, many of these websites have customer service staff available to answer any of your questions before and after your purchase. Often, because these websites don’t have the same expenses as large stores like Home Depot, they can offer very competitive prices.

A blower can help your stove warm your entire house or large room more effectively. Pushing warm air with fans and motors, these blowers can transform an already cost-effective heating solution into an efficient heat supply for every room in your home. With a little research, you can have a blower helping your charming wood-burning stove heat your entire house.

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