How I Improved Waste Oil Burner Installation basics Simple Steps

Do you dread opening your monthly heating bill? A waste oil burner can put an end to those high rising heat costs. Get the green light on saving both the environment and your budget by installing a waste oil burner.

With each stop at the gas station to fill up making you cringe- quit tossing additional dollars out the window. Go an extra mile with a waste oil burner, getting even more mileage out of your used oil.

A waste oil burner is ideal for a machine shop or garage that generates used oil. The mechanic who services my car uses a waste oil heater to heat his shop. He keeps all the waste oil stored in a 55 gallon drum until he burns it. Used motor oil, transmission fluid, and hydraulic fluid can be used for recycling to supply heat.

Recent court decisions have stated a business owner is liable for his own waste oil, even after its paid removal from the premises, until its proper disposal. A person caught dumping hazardous waste faces fines, penalties and is held responsible for cleanup costs.

A typical household would require two gallons of used oil a day to meet all their electricity needs. Of the 1.3 billion gallons of used oil created in the United States each year, over 200 million gallons are dumped illegally or by accident into our waterways. It only takes one gallon of used oil to contaminate up to one million gallons of fresh drinking water.

A waste oil burner also burns used cooking oil for heat. School cafeterias and fast food restaurants would probably be happy to supply you with free fuel. Units are sold that can even burn unprocessed vegetable oil.

The low end price for a waste oil burner being sold on EBay is from $500 to $1000. There are also more expensive models available. Do-it-yourself plans can also be purchased on EBay. Buying from a reputable dealer like Clean Burn, Burns All, or Shenandoah guarantees you service with a warranty.

Safety features and easy to clean are important factors when deciding on a waste oil heater. A burner chamber made of steel is a better heat conductor than a stainless steel one. A steel combustion heat exchanger is reported up to 87% more efficient. To determine the size unit you need depends on how warm you want the room, how cold it is outside, and the size of the area to be heated. Depending on the climate where you live- a waste oil heater will pay for itself in one to two winter seasons.

The original designer of the waste oil burner, Richard Freuden, built the Mother Earth Waste Oil Heater in 1980. He spent a whopping $2.50 on his invention from discarded junk and scrap metal. In 2006, Roger Sanders re-designed the Mother Earth News waste oil heater. His new design called MEN sounds perfect- quiet, reliable and easy to use.

Leave the high cost of fuel behind in the dust by reducing our oil demand. The less need for oil to be drilled, refined, and transported, should show up in the long run at the pump.

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