Underfloor Heating And Solar Water Heaters – A Winning Combination

Underfloor heating can be a model choice for heating your household, efficiently and ecologically friendly. No matter if it is your budget that you are thinking about or the dependence on oil that most have, this type of heating is an ideal consideration for you. Homes that are heated in this manner are actually warmer, more comfortable and they use energy in a better way. When you couple the benefits of underfloor heating with the use of a solar water heater, the outlook gets even better!

Your Budget and Underfloor Heating

While it will cost a considerable amount of money (or time) to install an underfloor heating system, it may still be one of the best decisions that you make. You see, with this type of heating, you are pushing heat into your home with the use of water, a completely renewable source of energy. When you do this, you are allowing water to circulate throughout your home, warming it as it goes only to come back to be reheated and to start the process all over again.

That also means that you are heating your home from the ground up. Instead of trying to force hot air from a vent near your ceiling and heating the highest points of your home in the best manner, you are now heating from the ground up, which means more evenly heated rooms, a more comfortable feel and benefits of no electricity or gas being used.

In Comes Solar Water Heaters

Just because you are using an underfloor heating system doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take this one step further and use solar heating to heat the water, too. In fact, it is one of the most logical ways to compliment what you are doing. By using solar water heaters that use the sun’s rays to heat the water, you are in effect cutting out nearly all of the dependency that you have on other fuels. In addition, you are again using a renewable source of energy that is beyond anything else environmentally and economically friendly.

Allow Them to Work for You

Here’s why it’s so beneficial to use solar water heaters for your underfloor heating needs. You start with cold water. To heat it, you must use some form of fuel or energy. If you have a solar water heater, the heat from the sun has been converted into energy by your solar collection system or solar panels. This energy is used to heat the water. Then, the water flows through your home, allowing the heat from the water to escape into the house. The cooled water then returns to the heater to start the process all over again.

  • No outside fuels are needed.
  • Everything is clean burning.
  • It is completely renewable.
  • It costs you next to nothing!

As you can see, there are many reasons why you want your heating to be coupled with the help of a solar water heater. Underfloor heating keeps your home warm with all of these benefits and more.

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