Using Coal Stoves Wisely: Tips You Need To Use Them

Coal stoves can be a good way to heat a home. Coal has been used for many years to do just that. But, it is not always as easy to light and keep such a stove running, unless you know how to do it correctly. To help you in this regard, here are some tips for caring for and using coal burning stoves.

When you are first considering the purchase of a coal stove, take the time to determine which the right model is for you. Some will burn both coal and wood while others are limited to just one fuel type. You’ll need to examine your needs for a chimney. Consider the size of the stoves, how they work and how well they fit your needs. The most important factor in selecting the right one is to insure that you purchase a safe model for your home. For older models, insure a professional inspection prior to purchasing and be careful with these.
Once you get the units installed into your home, your job doesn’t stop there.

Coal burning stoves do require some maintenance and upkeep. While each model may have its own specific needs to take care of, for the most part you will find these things important to keeping them updated.
The Ash Pit: When coal burns, it will level behind ash. What is important to know though is that you should always keep the ash pit as clear as possible. If not, the flow of combustion air can be impeded. And, it will keep the fire from burning efficiently. It can also damage the grates that are used on your stove as well.

The Chimney and Ventilation. Coal stoves must be vented to keep toxic fumes out of your home. But just venting them is not enough. You also need to make sure that they are kept clean. As a fire burns, sulfur is released into the air. Prior to using your chimney for the year, have it professionally inspected for deterioration and cleaned. You should have it cleaned at least every six months if you will continuously use your coal stove.

Keep Up On Parts: Like virtually any other mechanism in your home, it is important to verify that it is properly working before using it. A visual inspection will let you know if something is not working, wearing down or is not in its proper condition. You’ll want to check gaskets, the glass and the grates each time you use your stove.

Tips to Keep Your Coal Stove Burning Well

Here are a few more tips to help you keep your coal stove burning at the most efficient level.

Look for low ash coal. You will find that high quality coal will do a better job of heating the home, have less ash, and will burn overnight as you need it to without a problem.

The chimney. You may need to have your chimney inspected and repaired prior to purchasing or installing your coal stove. Many times, individuals don’t realize if there is enough draft. Again, have a proper inspection done if you’re having trouble maintaining a fire.

Using coal stoves to heat your home is a good idea as long as you will keep up on the maintenance of it and purchase an efficient model to do so with.

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