Choosing a Pot Belly Stove to heat your home

The potbelly stove is that stove that you remember seeing in tales about the wild, Wild West. It is the stove that you remember seeing in depictions of the old school house. Today, you can heat your household through the use of an antique looking potbelly stove. No matter why you want to have one in your home, you will find some good choices to choose from.

Tradition in Today’s World

Potbelly stoves have a lot to do with American tradition. They were used throughout history in a number of situations. They were used in school houses, in the general store and could be used to keep the railroad depot warm. They were also used in saloons and brothels in western culture. They were used because they were efficient ways to heat an area. And, wood was easy to find and to use. But, today, there is a little more to them than just tradition.

Potbelly stoves are available today in a wide range of choices. But, do not confuse it with the cylinder stove. Although the two look quite the same, traditionally confused, they are very different. The pot belly will have a cast iron body while the cylinder often features nickel to it. And, the pot belly stoves will have a mushroom shaped top to it while the cylinder will have an ornate top. Their shapes are different too with the pot belly having more curves and the cylinder being squared off. Still, many will confuse the two.

To purchase these stoves, you will have two choices. First, you can purchase a wide range of antiques. These are simply pot belly stoves that have withstood the test of time. They are often very heavy and offer much of the original look. It is not recommended that you use these antique versions as they are much more likely to be worth more as an investment instead. They do add quite a bit of charm to a home, though.

On the other hand, you can choose a new pot belly stove. These can burn wood or coal, but are more popularly being used to burn grains and wood pellets. When purchasing them, insure that they are EPA certified especially if you plan to use them within your home. Most of these can heat a small home effectively while others can heat only a few hundred square feet. This depends on the size and the ability of the specific units that you purchase.

When purchasing a pot belly stove, consider the area that you wish to heat. You should also consider the size of the hopper. The larger it is, the less often you will need to fill it. Also, carefully consider the fuel that you will use. While wood pellets seem to be a traditional option, grains such as corn can be used to help lower heating bills even lower. The proper purchase of these stoves will provide you with warmth that you can count on. And, there is something about the look of them that adds so much to a home as well. The potbelly stove will remain in our hearts while it helps our wallets too.

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