Solar Pool Heaters – A Natural Solution

Solar pool heaters are beyond any other type of pool heating mechanism the best choice. While you can hook up electric models that will heat your pool’s water, the process takes a long time and within just a matter of minutes or hours, you’ll need to do it all over again. On the flip side, you could use a lot of energy to pump warm water into the pool and allow that to keep the temperature at the level that you enjoy. That would cost a small fortune and isn’t the best choice for the environmentally friendly person. But, solar heaters can be.

How Do They Work?

Solar pool heaters work by heating the pool based on the solar energy that is used. There are several types of solar heating units for your pool, including simple covers that can collect solar rays and use them to heat the water. But, the most beneficial type of heating unit for a pool with this technology is that of a heater. Here’s how they work.

Cold water from your pool enters into the heating unit which is lined with solar panels.

These solar panels heat the water. To do this, they use the sun’s rays for energy and turn them into fuel for heating the water. The heat from the sun is what heats the water.

Then, this warm water is moved back into your pool, allowing it to be warm and comfortable.

When it does this, a solar pool heater will allow you to maintain the temperature of heat that fits your needs and desires. Most units come with a temperature control device that allows you to make adjustments as you see fit. These pool heating units can be used in both in ground pools and above ground pools. In ground units can even pull the solar enter from your home’s solar panels.

The Benefits of solar pool heaters

There are many benefits to using solar pool heaters. They are free to use, of course, which is one of the largest reasons to switch. Standard pool heaters can cost a small fortune to keep the pool’s water at the right temperature and even still are unpredictable. Solar on the other hand is environmentally friendly to use and allows you to enjoy a longer period of time to use your pool. You don’t need to only swim when the sun is out.

In addition, you will be able to set the timer on the solar pool heater to heat your pool when you want it to be warm to enjoy. That means that you can enjoy the pool before dawn or even after dark so long as your heating unit has been able to heat the water. In pools without any type of heating, it’s only warm enough to swim after the water’s been heated by the sun’s rays directly (which can take hours.)

The benefits of these pool heaters are obvious. It is also responsible to use this type of fuel for heating your pool. The single investment into these heaters can last you a long time and give you free heating benefits for years to come. A solar pool heater may be one of the best investments you make in your pool’s lifetime.

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