Things you should know about wood stove inserts

Wood stove inserts are inserts that will use a wood stove to heat your home. One of the main reasons for choosing an insert over a stand-alone wood stove is that you enjoy the look of your fireplace. But, you may not like how much it costs to use the fireplace. Wood stove inserts serve your needs perfectly then.

Like any other wood burning stove, you will need to insure that the model that you purchase is EPA certified. The EPA needs to insure that the unit is safe to use as well as that it is safe for the environment. If you purchase an older unit that is not EPA certified, you will find that you will not pass your local regulations and will not be able to install the unit after all. Not only that, but you want the wood stove inserts to be able to burn efficiently for you as well.

What Will It Look Like?

Wood stove inserts can enhance the look of your fireplace. They are usually made of cast iron or can be made of plate steel. They tend to have glass doors on the front so that you can see the fire burning within. Most will sit right inside a large fireplace opening while other units will sit on the hearth in front of it. This is probably the better choice as it provides radiant heat from the sides and from the top of the unit as well as delivering heat.

Your unit may also come with a blower on the front of it. This is a tool that allows for the heat to be blown out of the fireplace and into the room. These are mounted to the front or the sides of the wood stove inserts. These can be used both manually as well as with the use of a thermostat for a more controlled heat.

Installation? How’s That Work?

Wood stove inserts will normally require a professional to install them. This is because they tend to be quite heavy even weighing over 400 pounds. It is also important because inserts will need to have a positive connection to the chimney. They will need to have a connector that goes between the first section of the flue liner and the appliance outlet. This is regulated by the National Fire Protection Association as a means for controlling the smoke and gases that are released during burning. It also keeps combustible deposits in the fireplace.

Besides the cost of installation of your wood stove inserts, you will likely spent about $1500 to $2000 on an insert. They are often purchased based on what they look like, but in order to heat a room efficiently, you should carefully consider how well the unit can do this rather than what it looks like. It may cost more for other parts that may not come with it such as a blower. Wood stove inserts can effectively heat a small home or several rooms of your home for less than many other types of fuel.

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