Soapstone Stoves: Why They Have Been Around For So Long

Soapstone stoves provide many wonderful qualities. On the outside, they are simply beautiful. But, that is not what makes them such a wonderful choice as a wood burning stove. There are more qualities that do that. When considering any wood stove purchase, it is important to insure the quality of the stove before anything else. This is so because you want to get the most heat possible from your fuel. And, you want that heat to last as long as possible as well. It is because of these facts that these stoves have been around for so very long.

What Are They?

Soapstone stoves are made by many manufacturers. But, they all have one thing in common. That is the product of which they are made. Soapstone is a talc that is called steatite. This is a very smooth, very dense product. The important quality of it is its ability to store a great deal of heat. These stoves are not by far the only thing that this material was used for. It was used in Ancient Egypt for statues for its beauty. For its heat, it has been used in cooking bowls and pots, as a bed warmer, and as a method of cooking. In fact, soapstone can be heated and then used to keep a pot at a constant simmer for an hour without any additional heat.

Stove Facts

Soapstone stoves are able to meet very high demands. They are slow burning making fuel go for longer periods of time while still producing a high level of heat. They are also providers of excellent radiant heat. This is heat that comes right off of the stove itself to fill the room. Even once the fire in the stove has died down, the stove can remain hot delivering that radiant heat for quite a while. It is also quite durable in that it does not allow any acids or alkali substances to adhere to it. This makes it clean burning. Unlike other stoves, it can take the large scales of heat that a stove can produce without becoming distorted. These stoves can handle a good amount of temperature change.

Of course, these stoves are also quite capable of providing heat for a home. But, they do add quite a bit of beauty to that home as well. They are available in a wide range of colors, which makes them perfect for adding aesthetic properties to a home as well. They come in a variety of sizes to fit your home’s needs. And, they can be custom made to fit your specific needs as well.

One thing to insure about the purchase of your soapstone stoves is their ability to meet EPA regulations. All stoves that are sold to be used in the United States must meet these guidelines for safe use as well as environmental protection.

Choose from wood burning soapstone stoves to those that burn gas. Use them for decoration in your home, or use them to heat your home through the coldest of months. Many individuals find them to be well worth their cost. Soapstone stoves may cost more but they can deliver a good amount of heat to make up for it.

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