Alternative Heating Methods for the 21st century

Alternative Heating Methods for the 21st century
With the cost of energy to rise substantially this year as well as next, millions of people are looking for a better way to pay for their heating bill. Of course, we can’t just flip the switch and have a nice warm home until we do a little research on just what options you have for alternative heating methods.

What options do you have?

Most individual who will replace their furnace this year will replace it with the same type of furnace. If this will be you, carefully consider if this is in fact the best choice for you to make. If you are dead set on purchasing another fuel oil furnace, make sure that you purchase the most energy efficient model available to you. These use much less fuel, whether that is propane, oil or gas. And they use the energy in a more efficient manner as well.

Let’s say that you are up for some change. If you are looking to start saving some money on your heating bill this winter, then consider the options you have. The next step up would be to consider a wood or pellet burning stove. Yes! A fireplace of sorts can be a good choice for heating your home. Homeowners who do so have been able to provide their house with high quality heat for many winter months. If you choose the pellet burning stove as alternative heating methods to use, then you will find a good range of heat control, a good quality heat as well as an easy to control heating system. No matter which system you use, today’s wood burning stoves burn wood or other solid fuels safely, efficiently, as well as cleanly. This makes them an ideal choice for many homes. A note, though: you’ll need to make sure you get the okay from your inspector before using any type of stove within your house and you’ll need to keep your chimney clean.

Looking For More Technology?

If you are, then consider these types of alternative heating methods. One of them is geothermal heating systems. With this type of heating solution, the heat is actually pulled right from the Earths soil. The Earth maintains a constant temperature several feet down, below the frost line. This heat is renewed continuously. It is safe, clean and it doesn’t cost a dime to reach. Well, you’ll need to install a system into your home and you’ll need a bit of electricity to get the heat pumps working, but besides these factors, your heating bill will likely drop considerably with the use of these alternative heating methods.

Yet another option that you have as an alternative heating method is solar energy. Whether you tap into it to simply heat your water or to heat your entire home, you are extracting the suns energy to use within your house. This is exceptional because it allows you to better use energy as well as use a seemingly endless supply of energy. Solar energy solutions can actually collect and store energy within the home to use later. This means that you don’t have to have the sun shining down to use the heat that it is providing. Some houses are designed to completely go un-needing of any type of electrical, gas or other fuel type heating help.

Alternative heating methods right for you?

Many individuals find themselves torn. They are looking for a way to lower their energy bill, yet in order to take advantage of any of these types of heating options, you’ll likely need to invest a great deal of money into their installation. Is it worth it? Going from a full dependent system to a completely independent system is also quite worrisome. What happens if it doesn’t work? What happens if something goes wrong? While there are many worries about using any of the methods described here, the fact is that one day, not too long away, the world will run out of oil, and people will be looking for alternative heating methods to use (the growing demand might make the price of alternative heating systems soars, though we’re not there yet). Therefore, we can foresee that down the road, alternative heating methods will pay for themselves through lower costs of heating bills.

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