Choosing the Right Heating System

There are different types of heating system for your home and that is why you have to take into consideration all the possibilities before taking a decision. In this article we are going to make a brief presentation of the most used systems be they conventional or not. Another thing that we will try to do here is to help you understand which solution is the best for your household. There are a few things that must be taken into consideration when deciding on a certain heating system, such as the fuel availability, the amount of hot water needed and so on.

Home Heating Solution Boilers

Some of the most popular heating solutions are boilers. Today there is quite a wide variety of such systems on the market. The conventional boiler is designed with a combustion chamber, which is surrounded by water. Once the water is heated it starts to circulate through the entire system. The thing about this type of heating system is that it wastes a lot of the heat produced, and thus the fuel, by heating the surrounding air. That is why a much better option would be to use a condensing boiler that is much more efficient. This type of boiler wastes almost no heat and they are environmentally friendly. However, the condensing boilers have a much shorter lifespan and they are much more expensive than the conventional ones. The last type of boilers is the combination boiler that besides hot water it also provides central heating of your household. The problem with this type of system is the fact that it cannot provide central heating and hot water at the same time and it also has a low water rate meaning that only one tap can be fed at a time. In case there is not too much need for hot water in your household the best choice for you would definitely be the combination boiler as it takes very little space and it is quite easy to install and most importantly really cheap to run.

Other types of home heating solutions

There are also some other types of systems that are quite popular worldwide. For instance there are the furnaces, which are quite used in North America. The latest types are using blowers in order to recycle the warm air. Such a system can be fueled with gas, oil, and electricity and sometimes even with coal or wood. The temperature in the household is controlled by a thermostat. It is very important to note that if fueled on oil the furnace will need an oil tank that can be quite dangerous if leaking. Another very popular system is the radiant ceiling or floor heat that works by heating the floors or ceilings by means of radiant elements. Another more effective way of radiant heating is the hydronic heating which uses tubes of water installed under the floors. This is a much environmentally friendly option and it seems that the warmth is kept longer with this latter system.

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