Hydronic Heating Systems: A Better Way to Heat?

Hydronic heating systems will seem a little weird to you at first. After all, they do completely heat the home or building in a very different way. Yet, they use natural elements of science to make them work, and they end up working much better than other products that you may have tried.

Although the first types of these models used did not work well, todays are much more stable. In older models, the heating elements could crack the concrete and even become corroded and crack causing leaks and damage. Again, these older models are not necessarily a concern today. First, understand just how hydronic heating systems work.

In a typical home set up, heat comes into a room through vents and ventilation that runs from the top of the room. Anyone that knows a bit about science, though, will tell you that hot air rises. So, the ventilation system has to struggle to force air down, into the room and then it must circulate it throughout. This is a very challenging situation and one that often leaves pockets of cold air throughout the home as well as throughout the building.

In hydronic heating systems, on the other hand, the method of heating is concentrated in the actual floor, not the walls or ceiling. The flooring has special tubing embedded in the concrete foundation. Or, a thin concrete mixture is used on top of a wood framed floor. Within this tubing is usually a food grade antifreeze mixture of heated water. It flows through the tubing and warms the thermal mass of the concrete. The heat is in the floor, which allows it to gently heat the room or even a complete structure.

The benefits of hydronic heating systems are many. First of all, the heated flooring is comfortable and most importantly even throughout the room. This allows for the individual to remain comfortable as well as remain satisfied with the current level of heat. If one room of a traditionally heated home is cold, individuals tend to increase the temperature throughout the home. This of course generates higher energy bills as well as keeps the heat source at uncomfortable and uneven levels throughout the home.

Another benefit of hydronic heating systems is the fact that they allow for little to no wasting of energy and they can drastically help to lower your monthly heating bills. Because there is no real fuel being burnt, there is not excess cost of consumption. And, the system uses a set of loops which helps to keep the water flowing and heat moving through it.

The heated water that is used to heat the room in hydronic heating systems can come from several places. Of course, it can come from your typical water heater but it can also come from a solar powered collector or a demand water heater, wood stove or even heat pumps that pull heat from the Earths soil. If you are installing a new heating system within the home, then take a careful look at several of these heating options for the water that is needed in hydronic systems. You will find that there are huge energy savings available to those who need them and incorporate these systems into their home.

Is It Worth It?

The cost of installing any of these alternative heating systems can be high. The work itself can be done by an experienced individual or a skilled do it yourselfer. But, the materials will cost you quite a bit. The question is then, is it worth the cost of the new heating system? If you are planning to install it in a new house instead of a conventional heating system, it might be a sound choice. While the upfront costs of this type of system are high, it will really pay back over time. A correctly installed and maintained hydronic system will last twenty to thirty years or more. And, because of the reduction in the fuel costs as well as the costs of heating, there is a significant advantage to using it. Throughout the years of use, the system will likely pay for itself many times over in save energy bills.

Whether you purchase this system or not, it is a well thought of product. You will notice that the quality of the warmth is better and with a lower energy bill, you’ll appreciate it even more. The hydronic heating systems available today can effectively heat your home from the ground up.

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