What is geothermal heat and How Does It Work

Many persons ask the question, “what is geothermal heat” and it tends to come up more so as the gas prices keep increasing. Most people use one of two types of heating. More than likely you use a fuel powered furnace that burns gas, oil or even propane or you may use electric powered pumps. In any case, these options are not often considered the best because they are subject to the ever increasing rise in energy prices and they also pollute the air because they are burning fuel. A solution to these problems is geothermal heat.

Yet, that doesn’t answer our, what is geothermal heat, does it? Geothermal heating is the use of the Earths stored heat within the soil. The Earth is capable of storing a large amount of heat, actually within the soil. You probably do not realize that the heat energy within the Earth is maintained at between 50 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit at the soil and near surface rocks. So, with this heat source in the very soil you walk on, it is easy to see the idea behind this type of heating.

How Energy is found

Still, what is geothermal heat? But, just because the heat source is there, that doesn’t mean we know how to access and use it, right? In geothermal heating, scientists have found out how to do just that. Not only do they know that it is there, but through measures have figured out how to tap into it. The use of a geothermal heating system allows for this. It is also known as a ground source heat pump. These units capture the steady supply of heat energy that is stored within the Earth and then move it from the Earth into an area such as a building or even a home.

By pumping this heat into the buildings, there is much less energy use in play and, you’ll find that there is no burning of fuels, not pollutants getting into the air that is breathed and not shortage of heat because the Earth naturally manages the heat source. So, when asked what geothermal heat is, it is safe to say that it is a safe, clean source of heat that can easily be obtained, used efficiently and very cost effective as well.

Why isn’t Everyone Using it Then?

With a seemingly endless increase in energy prices, it makes sense that more people wouldn’t be asking what geothermal heat is, but the fact is that most individuals do not know anything about it. This is a sad case though because as you can see, it is an excellent option for many people. But, the sad fact really is that there is just not enough information about this source of heating available to the general public. Of course, once it does get out there, there will be many people reluctant to change their ways, like in any big movement.

Yet, today, more so than yesterday even, there is less fuel for traditional types of furnaces to burn. Today, there is less oil, less propane and less gas than there was yesterday and that is the reason why many millions of people will be turning to products like geothermal heating to heat their homes and their businesses. In Wisconsin, one of the coldest areas of the United States, they are tapping into this type of heating source. And, in doing so, they are drastically dropping energy prices. Yet, it is not just there that it would work so well.

When you ask, what is geothermal heat, think to yourself that it is a renewable, natural heat source that is stored within the Earth. It is untapped heat that is completely safe and quite effectively pumped into a home or into a business. In doing this, a product is created that uses no fuel and is renewable which means that it will be continuously there for our needs. If you do not want to think of the environmental benefits to the use of geothermal heat, then think instead about the fact that it will save you most of your energy bill each month; not a fraction, but most of it. That’s what makes geothermal heating hot.

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