Fireplace Corn Stove Inserts – Hassle Free Heating

Fireplace corn stove inserts are inserts that you can fit into your existing fireplace without affecting the existing structure. The design of those corn stove inserts makes them fit easily into all types of fireplaces without any need to alter the masonry structure of the room and the fireplace. These fireplace inserts let you use an existing indoor fireplace. All you have to do is to place the insert inside the existing masonry fireplace. Fireplace corn stove inserts produce efficient heating without leaving too much of ash behind. Corn, by itself, is one of the best alternate fuels as it can be found in abundance unlike oil, gas or wood. Moreover, corn is non-polluting and comparatively produces more heat when compared to other fuels. Burning shelled corn fuel is economically feasible as compared to the rising costs of other available fuels.

Choosing a Corn Stove Fireplace Insert

Corn stoves fireplace inserts are fireplace inserts that you can install and maintain with ease. Some fireplace corn stove inserts have multiuse design and besides using them as a fireplace inserts you can use them as a stand-alone device for any part of your home. Generally, the corn-burning fireplace inserts burn entire kernels of shelled corn with 16% moisture. You will need to choose and buy a good corn stove with better energy efficiency. Try to select one that can hold more corn, so that it can burn well and produce heat for a longer duration without the need for refueling. The bigger the stove, the warmer the less hassle you have for frequent refueling.

The next thing on your checklist should be the choice between a pressurized and non-pressurized fireplace corn stove inserts. Although their price and installation costs will be higher, pressurized corn stove systems are better because they are more efficient and they run longer with less maintenance requirement. Above all, they work under any condition. Non-pressurized corn stove systems, on the other hand, will cost you less and the installation cost is reasonable. These systems are compatible with almost all fireplace designs. Moreover, these fireplace inserts are environment friendly because they use renewable fuel. A few things you need to do as a part of the maintenance and working process, for either kind of fireplace corn stove inserts are.

  • Always fill the hopper with corn properly. Fill it to the top.
  • Empty and clean the ash pan each week.
  • Clean the entire system. This includes the burn pot, hopper, glass and doors.
  • The shelled corn must be dry. The moisture content should not be more than 16%. This is because corn with higher moisture content will have a lower heat value per unit weight.
  • The shelled corn should not have fines. Corn having fines will cause problems with the fuel-loading auger.
  • Try to get corn storage bins in place so that you can store corn for the entire season.

Types of Fireplace Corn Stove Inserts

There are many types of fireplace corn stove inserts available in a variety of sizes and styles. The style and design of fireplace inserts vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Each stove insert lends its own unique style to your home. The size of the corn hopper also differs according to the type of insert. A bigger insert will definitely have a bigger hopper so that you can put more corn into it. This will help you eliminate the need for frequent refueling and enjoy uninterrupted heating for a longer duration.

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