Before you buy a corn burning fireplace insert – read this!

A corn burning fireplace insert is a device that you can fit into your existing fireplace structure and enjoy much economic heating. This insert works on a relatively new concept to heat your house. We have been using wood burning appliances to keep our house warm for hundreds of years. Now a new version of these heating appliances has entered the market. A corn burning insert uses corn as fuel, instead of wood, gas or oil. The most impressive thing about corn burning stoves and fireplace inserts is that they use shield corn as fuel. Corn is least expensive in comparison to other fuels available today. In addition to being economical, there are some other advantages of using a corn burning fireplace insert. However, before we delve on the other advantages of corn burning heating appliances, let’s have a look at its economic aspect vis-à-vis other fuels.

Comparative Study of Different Fuels

Here is a cost comparison of effective cost to produce one million BTUs of heat:

  • Using natural gas as fuel would cost you around $13.
  • Wood pellets as fuel may cost you around $11.
  • Fuel oil will make you spend $12.
  • LP Gas will cost you $11.50
  • Depending on your region, electricity may cost you as much as $21.
  • You can generate the same amount of heat using Corn as fuel by spending as little as $3.50.

Sounds amazing, but it’s true. Corn is the most cost effective and convenient fuel for home heating solutions. Now more people are getting aware of the fact, increasing the demand and popularity of corn burning fireplace inserts. The amount of heat generated by a corn burning fireplace is so awesome that it really surprised some people who tried corn for the first time. Some people found the heat too strong for one room and they are now using the same device to heat other rooms as well.

Other advantages of a corn burning fireplace insert

A corn burning fireplace insert uses corn as fuel, which is abundantly available in the country. Homegrown corn may also be used. By using corn as fuel, you are helping the local farmers and contributing for adding new jobs. Growing corn as fuel will bring jobs to local farmers, as well as reduce the dependence on expensive petroleum fuels.

Corn burning fireplace inserts burn fuel so efficiently that you do not need to install a chimney. It produces very little amount of fumes or no fumes at all. A four-inch pipe is sufficient to expel any unwanted smoke or air through an outside wall. That offers you the liberty of installing a corn burning stove or fireplace insert in the room of your choice. Moreover, a corn burning insert is virtually smoke free and does not pose the danger of harmful fumes or explosions.

Easy operation

A corn burning fireplace insert is easier to install and operate than most conventional wood stoves. It requires less frequent refueling than any other kind of wood burning appliance. If you buy the fireplace insert with a larger hopper capacity, it may keep you free from the need for refilling for several days. The process of refilling is also very easy. All you need to do is just pour shelled corn into the hopper. A small screw or auger controls the feeding of corn fuel into fire chamber. You can control heat output by adjusting the auger. The automatic model comes with a built in wall thermostat. Besides, you may choose a model with glow plug igniter to light the corn.

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